What We Do

What We Do

Real estate is Australia’s largest asset class, so we recognise that a comprehensive service is essential to compliment and enhances our overall financial planning offering.

We cater for those requiring comprehensive long-term property planning to those needing advice on their current property circumstances & portfolio, to those who are ready to buy and require an expert to source and negotiate an investment property on their behalf.

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Portfolio Planning

The first step is to understand your current property position and what you are trying to achieve. We will then develop a plan to ensure that you are able to achieve your property goals. Your plan may include a home debt acceleration strategy, property acquisition criteria, the number of properties to be acquired, types of properties to be acquired as well as the location, timeframe and method in which to acquire them.

Property Advice

Some clients may not require a full detailed property portfolio plan however they may have a need for advice on their current circumstances and their next decision. After a full review and analyses of your current circumstances you will receive advice on your principle place of residence and on each investment property in your portfolio. You will also be advised on value-add opportunities in your current portfolio, divestment, and new investment opportunities.

Buyers Agents

Our Buyers Agents have extensive experience, tools, and contacts to find properties that meet your criteria. If the properties we have sourced pass our stringent due diligence we will present financial feasibility reports to you and then negotiate hard on the price on your behalf. Following a successful negotiation, we will coordinate and oversee essential protection reports on the property to ensure its quality before you commit to the purchase. We will then coordinate all parties through to settlement. If you have chosen to renovate or remodel, we will project manage this for you also.

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Find Properties